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Qnexus Solution was established in may 2015 after the gap for professional corporate print and brand was realized .Initially Qnexus Solutions was founded on technology platform which Q symbolize energy in physics terms.

Nexus symbolize a group of people
Solutions symbolize the solution that our team will bring in order to empower the community.
We can use energy colours that u might think will work well with our company name.

Qnexus Solutions reflects back on its six years of extraordinary service through loyalty. Our experienced and determined team that empowers possibility, ranking us among outstanding DIGITAL AND OFFSET PRINTING companies in Kenya, We focus on quality printing and branding services .From business cards and operational prints to large volume brochures, fliers, posters and many more. Our precise crisp finishing is outstanding, in highly competitive market of BRANDING AND PROMOTION.

In CORPORATE BRANDING, our corporate identity package include business cards, letterheads, business cards, envelopes, brochures and presentation cards, together reinforces your message that we deliver


We further brand your products in digital space

We have been moving into tech world and now have online branding that cover Search Engine Optimization Solutions, Restaurant e-menu, Digital Business Cards, Company Profiles, Websites and Apps. 

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As the cornerstone of enduring relationship based on long term referrals, we commit to listen, understand and deliver the outcomes desired by our clients, with an act of honesty, integrity and humility in all we do, not compromising the truth that we turn company dreams into reality through perfection


Qnexus Solutions’ offline team will work on your interior design needs, designing and printing of Logos, T-shirts, banners, signages, labels, balloons, brochures, caps, wrist bands, training manuals, booklets, invoices, receipt books, company profiles and corporate marketing materials. 

Qnexus Solutions has a vibrant team that goes ahead to distribute flyers, brochures and activate products. 


Qnexus Solutions offers expert online branding solutions in digital business cards, company profiles, SEO for visibility of top pages of search engine results, website creation and applications.

We develop marketing plans and strategies to increase your online presence and sales. This covers competition analysis, keyword research, budget plan, milestone goals and analytics.


Our process begins by furnishing you with necessary information on designing, printing and branding; giving you options for informed choices.

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